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update_ [17 Mar 2004|07:07am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hello, hello.

Hm. So, big news lately? Let's see...

Well, last week myself and 26 other girls were suspended from school for wearing the color pink. Yes, that's right.

I got a cuteee pink hello kitty shirt with hello kitty dressed in punk clothes and I also got a cuteee shirt that says 'dorks are hot.' mmm. hot topic <3.

ew. brian teasly has a girlfriend and yet he keeps IMing me calling me sexy and flirting with me.

oooh! mark and i went to a show this weekend. on Saturday, we went and saw The Title Ceremony, The Statistics and *drum roll* my favorite band, Now It's Overhead. Woo. it was so awesome. the opening band, the title ceremony, was actually the best thing about the show. and omg, the bassist was sooo hot. elise and i wanted to jump his skinny little emo boy frame. I got his screen name though and we've been talking online. he's really nice and he's sending me a free cd.

I have officially cut ties with Kristin, Charles, Philip and Tory. No more drama in my life! heh.

Yesterday, I didn't feel good so I skipped school and layed around Mark's house by myself. Today, I'm skipping school again but this time it's because Mark has the day off so we're chillin.

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[07 Mar 2004|10:28pm]
yay. i finally got Mark to send me our pictures since mine got deleted when i had to do compaq recovery.
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[04 Mar 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

School has been so stressful this week, thank God it's almost over!

major high school drama:

i've decided to cut 3 people out of my life. *drum roll* Philip Hocutt, Kristin Davis, & last and certainly not least annoying...Charles Simon! I cannot believe that I actually considered these people to be my friends! First off, Philip has decided to never talk to me because he took a joke the wrong way and now he claims i'm gay bashing him which, if he knew anything about me, he would know that i am very strongly supporting gay rights, gay marraige, etc and I would never gay bash anyone! Kristin and I have been getting into small scuffles like, everyday and now she's denying some shit and making me look like a liar. It's okay though, people will catch onto her eventually. Of course, charles can't be civil to anyone whose mean to his not so little girlfriend, kristin, so he's been being a jerk as well. oh well. i've made tons of new friends who accept me for me and understand me and relate to me. i guess that 2 corinthians verse about not yolking yourself with non Christians really makes sense to me now. it just doesn't work out.

registrating for my 11th grade classes:

I registered for classes for next year today. Here's what I got:

AP English III
AP US History
Honors Enviromental Science

Latin II
Technical Theater I
Theater Arts III
Psychology I
German I

(i'm applying for journalism so, Psychology and German could possibly be replaced by journalism if I make it onto the staff.)

anywho, that's all that's goin on with me. Nighty Nite.

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[01 Mar 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

eh. school sucks.

people think i'm a bitch because i stand up for myself now. Like, I used to be really quiet and if someone said something about me or to be that was rude or offensive, i'd just let it go but not anymore. i love who i am now. i love standing up for myself and what i believe in. i have a lot more confidence and a lot more friends who i can actually trust. so, screw the very few of you who don't like me now. i refuse to be pushed around any longer.

anyways, mark and i are doing well. we've been spending a lot of time together which is fun.

i went and saw Passion of the Christ with Mark yesterday. it was a wonderful movie...very hard to watch but something that needed to be seen.

love to everyone!

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[16 Feb 2004|01:33pm]
I'm still not quite sure why it happened but I got in a huge argument with my stepdad and he basically kicked me out. He's done this before and last time, he got in big trouble with my mom for it. Well, she wasn't around when he did it and when i left so, to keep himself out of trouble, he's denying it ever happened even though my little sister was right there and saw everything. anyway, i'm staying at mark's right now so its not that bad...
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[11 Feb 2004|03:07pm]
Hmm. Not much going on around here.

Last night, Mark and I went out to research triangle park to get my prescription filled. woo for going on birth control! hehe. then, we ate and his cousin worked at the place so, she gave it to us for free.

we went back to his house and watched jeopardy and snuggled. I got home and watched american idol.

well, mark is getting me an engagement ring and i wanted to know what you all thought of this one:

keep in mind, we're going for cheapness here and this is the cheapest one Kay Jewelers had ($249).
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[04 Feb 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | horny ]


i am so horny right now.

no joke.


the end.

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i just hate how it sounds... [02 Feb 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

This weekend was alright. On Friday night, Mark and I went to his house and watched this movie Manic. It was pretty cool.

Saturday was not so good. Mark found Ambien somewhere in his house and took four of them. He was really messed up. His parents wouldn't let him go to the mall with me so I sat home.

On Sunday, Mark picked me up at 8:15. I slept too late so, my hair had not dried from my shower or anything and I looked like a wreck therefore, we did not go to church. Instead, we went back to his house and went to sleep/watched his Simpsons dvds. Around 1, we went out to eat at Chili's and then went back to his house and laid around. Around 7, his friend needed a ride to Cary so we took the kid to Cary and went back to his house for about another hour. Mark took me home at 9:30. The time we spent together yesterday was very special to me. I have never laughed so much with him before. We just had a good time doing basically nothing-just sitting around his room enjoying each other's company. It's times like that when I look at him and he's smiling back at me and we're both so alive that I know he is my soul mate.

School went alright today. I was incredibly tired the whole time though. I have to read like, five chapters in Things Fall Apart tonight because I got behind over the weekend. Mark called me after he got off work around 4:30 and was very sweet. He's going to call me in a little over an hour when he gets out of english.

I hope all is well.

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[29 Jan 2004|11:56am]
Awe. I miss Mark so much. He's being so sweet.

This is in his AIM info:

I would like to take this space to dedicate all of my love from the bottom of my heart, to the stunningly beautiful and loving woman who has accepted my hand in marriage, my wonderful fiance, Joanie Finneran. Baby, I know times have been rough, I know we fight alot, but after all the things we have been through together, I am certain we can survive this life. Without you my love, life would never be the same. I would be lost and helpless if I didn't have you here by my side to support me. I love you, always and forever - Mark

ah. that's so sweet. hehe.
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this weekend_ [25 Jan 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hmm. What a birthday weekend!

Last night, Mark and I went to see my older sister and her day old baby girl, Alana. She is so cute! I held her and everything and she was so small...it was great.

After that, Mark took me out to my favorite resturant, Chili's, for dinner. It was so yummy. After that, we came back to his house and hung out for a bit and then I came home.

This morning, Mark picked me up at like 9:30. We came back to his house and it started snowing really hard. It snowed most of the day but now there's sleet. The news says that we should be getting freezing rain in a few hours. I'm stuck at Mark's house because the roads are covered and no one is going to drive, obviously. I'm staying over here tonight which should prove to be fun...like a sleepover. hehe.

I'm seventeen now. It's kind of lame.

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another entry_ [24 Jan 2004|12:16am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Mark came over again tonight. He just left a little while ago. We had some alone time because my parents aren't home.

My sister is having her baby right now. I hope everything is going alright. My parents and her husband are there with her but I still feel bad because I can't be. Please pray for her and my new neice. Thanks.

I'm sooo exhausted. I should go to bed but I'm not sure if I want to just yet. I was thinking of ordering How to Deal on iNDemand but I'm not sure. Hmm.

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forever God is strong_ [23 Jan 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

New journal. Don't ask why. But it's public.

Mark just left a little while ago. Stephen and him came over for a few minutes since I won't be able to go out tonight. Mark told me to close my eyes because he had a suprise. When I opened them, he was down on his knees with a ring and a rose and asked me to marry him. He swears that he's not going to mess it up this time so I accepted. The ring is pretty. It's a heart with a red jewel of some type in the middle and there's a smaller heart hanging off of it. Yay, and it fits!

My birthday is on Sunday. I'm turning 17...how fun. Right now, my plans for the weekend are as follows:possibly hang out with one of Mark's friends from UNC, go out to dinner for my birthday. Then on Sunday, we're going to church and I'm going to bible study and then we'll probably go back to his house to watch Love Actually. Yay, this is going to be a good weekend. Hope you all are doing well.

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