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New journal. Don't ask why. But it's public.

Mark just left a little while ago. Stephen and him came over for a few minutes since I won't be able to go out tonight. Mark told me to close my eyes because he had a suprise. When I opened them, he was down on his knees with a ring and a rose and asked me to marry him. He swears that he's not going to mess it up this time so I accepted. The ring is pretty. It's a heart with a red jewel of some type in the middle and there's a smaller heart hanging off of it. Yay, and it fits!

My birthday is on Sunday. I'm turning fun. Right now, my plans for the weekend are as follows:possibly hang out with one of Mark's friends from UNC, go out to dinner for my birthday. Then on Sunday, we're going to church and I'm going to bible study and then we'll probably go back to his house to watch Love Actually. Yay, this is going to be a good weekend. Hope you all are doing well.
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