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this weekend_

Hmm. What a birthday weekend!

Last night, Mark and I went to see my older sister and her day old baby girl, Alana. She is so cute! I held her and everything and she was so was great.

After that, Mark took me out to my favorite resturant, Chili's, for dinner. It was so yummy. After that, we came back to his house and hung out for a bit and then I came home.

This morning, Mark picked me up at like 9:30. We came back to his house and it started snowing really hard. It snowed most of the day but now there's sleet. The news says that we should be getting freezing rain in a few hours. I'm stuck at Mark's house because the roads are covered and no one is going to drive, obviously. I'm staying over here tonight which should prove to be a sleepover. hehe.

I'm seventeen now. It's kind of lame.
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